End of October Recap

It’s been too long. I now have the blogging bug and if I go a week without writing I get anxious. lol I have so much I want to remember to write about I started taking notes in my notepad so I don’t forget them!

For now let me recap the happenings from the rest of this past October. We’ve now had TWO visits from my parents which suits us all juuuust fine! It had been much too long and all of us loved having them here and enjoyed lots of yummy food as per usual.  Mia and Joa each got days just for them while the other attended daycare, just to make it extra special and then Friday they both stayed home with them and they all had sooo much fun! Trips to the park and library happened, a lovely cheeseburger lunch al fresco in our backyard occured ( I’m still jelly I was at work and couldn’t join in) and lots of quality time was had.

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Then they were back for Halloween weekend! Mia got to go trick or treating that Friday at my work and she had a blast going from cubicle to cubicle picking out candy and hearing what a lovely princess she was. In fact if someone would say “You are such a pretty princess!” she would look at them and say” yeah” like duh, obvi, lol. I went along with her class for the first 40 mins but then had to go back to work and they weren’t even 1/2 way through the route yet! And when I say “back to work” I mean go get the tickets I printed out for free food truck food and eat lunch! I swear work went crazy this Halloween. They brought 11 awesome food trucks to corporate and let us each have 4 items of our choice. And they were big portions! The lines were pretty crazy long so I only got two items: Mozzarella stuffed meatball slider and tomato bisque soup with homemade bread. Both amaze! I heard great things about a sushi burrito, melted cheese curd and bacon topped Italian beef sandwich and a mac and cheese of some sorts. THEN did they stop? No we had the annual Marketing and E-commerce Halloween Party and Costume Contest! It was also a great time and I enjoyed watching my old team do an awesome Walking Dead skit. Then I walked across the parking lot and met Mike, my parents and Mike’s parents for the kiddo’s daycare pumpkin patch party.It was adorable as always. Loads of adorable babes and tots in cute costumes playing games like ghost bowling. So not a lot of work but a lot of fun happened.

image1 (7)12178040_10106845998022020_6318850_nimage4 (1)image2 (4)image3 (1)

Saturday was Trick or Treating in our subdivision. It was nice that it was actually on Halloween this year! I grew up always going on Halloween at night but I guess here they do it when it’s still light out and on a specific day that may or may not actually be Halloween. The weather this year was…terrible! But did it stop our princess?! No way! She was so determined alternating from holding my mini purse umbrella and her pink pumpkin bag. She went for an hour straight and then talk of pizza and a movie was all she needed to be steered back home. phew! As Brittany said in her post recently I have been seeing more and more parents in our generation enjoy an adult beverage or two on the trick or treat route and this year we were offered jello shots at one of the houses! Last year this occurred as well but I was preggo so this year I happily accepted a pina colada jello shot which was deelish.  Joa stayed home with my Dad and Mike’s parents and assisted in handing out the candy as the weather was tooo cold for our little lion. Once we were home in our warm housey we enjoyed pizza with the fam and Mia watched movie as she winded down for all the Hallow’s Eve festivities.

12194325_10106851735878310_1936887556_o12182161_10106851734366340_1392870538_nimage2 (6)image1 (8)image2 (5)

My little health nut later that night asked me for a snack. When she asked for said snack I was eating some Halloween candy. When I asked her what she wanted she said a fruit snack. I said fruit snacks? and thought ok that’s better that candy at least! Then she said “yeah a fruit” so I ask ” Like a banana?” “yeah! a banana! Yum!” on Halloween night! Swoon. All in all a great Halloween weekend was had.

Let’s rewind now for a sec to the week in between my parents’ two visits. First I didn’t mention that that first week my parents were here was when Mike was in Washington D.C. They came to help out which was perfect for me; especially since my dishwasher had just broke. ha. While Mike was in D.C….Joa started sleeping through the night! It’s still not an every day occurrence but  it is a vast improvement let me tell you! Also that week…we got a new dishwasher and Mike put it in alllll by himself! Cuz he’s all handy like that. Another biggie from that week was Joa started walking with the toy walker! Crazy! Absolutely bananas. I.just.cant. Another thing I.just.cant is that Mia has discovered Jem and the Holograms and is obsesssssed! She sings and dances to the intro and tells us all the time our family is the misfits and which “color” we are. haha  Last but not least we went on a family hike. And riiiiiight smack dab in the middle of this beautiful one mile hike Mia has a potty accident allll over her clothes and shoes. Mike proceeded to strip her of her wet clothes and wrapped her in his fleece and carried her the whole way back and I was lucky to carry the wet clothes and Joa the whole way back. I WILL say two things I am thankful for: 1) It was not poo 2) Mia had her new sneakers on that my parents bought her that are machine washable! #ftw….if you can really win in that situation I think I did.

image3 (3)12182272_10106832664627250_945724390_nimage4

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