Oh Fall, I love you so

We have been BUSY these past two weeks! Here’s a quick recap:

The weekend started off great, with my first pumpkin spice latte of the year and a trip to the Zoo for elephant appreciation day! Mia has a blast and of course a trip to the zoo would not be complete without a ride on the zoo train and the carousel!

z00 2 Zoo

zoo3 zoo4 zoo5

We all came home exhausted and then….Mia said she was sick and not feeling good. I thought, at first, this was her playing along with the episode of Daniel the Tiger she was watching…..but no. No, no no! Later that night she woke up and threw up from coughing!

Sunday-Tuesday she was soooo weak, it just broke my heart! She was wheezing a ton and coughing all the time. Mike stayed home with her on Mon and I did on Tues. Sleeping Beauty was played in the “big screen” aka sheet and projector screen in the basement. Happy meals were enjoyed and one sick muffin slowly got better. Then Tues night I started to feel sick…BUT it was just fall allergies…joy. Mia did go back to school Wed and Thursday she had her first “Amazing Athletes” class. Which she LOVED!! They do all kinds of sports and physical activity, which my girl needs because she can just go and go.

The rest of the week was us just slowing getting back tomorrow and then this past weekend was busy busy again! Friday was Grandparent’s day at the kid’s daycare so I left work early to catch the tail end of it. This consisted of Mia telling me it was NOT time to go and me having to carry her out to the car kicking and screaming while everyone stared. Then proceeded to continue the tantrum in the car for the entire parking lot to hear as well. Oh three, you wonderful age you!

Saturday we went to Harvest Fest at the State Fair grounds which was free yay! and kind of a let down boo. But that could be because we were pressed for time and didn’t get to check everything out. We did enjoy a carousel ride (obvi) and some pumpkin bowling. Then we went to the “Big pumpkin” Halloween Express and Mia picked out her Halloween costume. She is going to be a……princess! No big surprise there lol.

After Harvest Fest we met Mike’s family at La Fuente and enjoyed some delish Mexican food as an early b-day celebration for Mike. It was super yummy and this Mama enjoyed a nice strawberry margarita as well. Si por favor! After dinner we all made our way to Mike’s parents to enjoy some cookie cake.

Sunday we went Pumpkin picking! Another one of my fave fall activities.We went to Basse’s like we did last year but this time we went with Mia’s friend from pre-school Morgan’s family! It was so fun to see the girls run around playing together and we ran into two more pre-school friends there! Here are some pics of the super fun day, overall another great fall weekend in the books!


12033562_10106744587734050_1903073747_n 10270048_10106743538741240_205970006_n 11802057_10106743546929830_885219346_n 12033822_10106743522488810_1292748245_n 12039186_10106744603906640_558439834162089789_n 12048432_10106742122344710_2058887875_n 12048890_10106743533127490_1516755402_n 12063927_10106742127324730_122821262_n 12067966_10106742125144100_3797498_n 12071284_10106742188676780_100951917_n 12077033_10106744588018480_1965049008_n 12081584_10106744586810900_437624764_n 12083899_10106744587120280_715608235_n

On Deck this week:

More birthday fun for our special man of the house. I will be making Chicken Pot Pie and Football brownies with Mia for the big day on Tuesday and we finally get to give him our homemade cards and the canvas print I got him of him and the babes in our bed. I can’t wait!

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