Fall 2015 Bucket List

As Fall is flying by I realized I haven’t thought of a bucket list!!! I first saw this years ago on a blog I like to follow and loved the idea! So here is ours for this Fall, some we have already completed yay! :

Fall 2015 Bucket List

  1. Jump in a pile of crunchy leaves! (While this one is mainly for Mia, Mike and I maaaay join in on the fun)
  2. Collect autumn leaves and create a wreath.
  3. Paint/decorate your own pumpkin
  4. Go apple picking
  5. Go pumpkin picking
  6. Go on a hayride
  7. Bake one pumpkin baked good
  8. Drink apple cider
  9. Go for a drive to see all the autumn leaves in the countryside
  10. Hikes
  11. Bonfires/last grills of the season
  12. Host a football game for some friends

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