September, You Beautiful Thang You

What can I say? I’ve fallen in love with the month of September. Not only is it the perfect not too hot, not too cold weather; but it is the kick start of fun things like boots, sweaters, pumpkin everything, football, crockpot dinners and more. Speaking of kick start; we started this fall season right by going Apple picking at The Elegant Farmer! This is our second year going with Mia and Joa’s first. We all have so much fun each time we go not to mention get some delicious apples! Last year we barely made it going on the last day they were open and having barely any apples to pick from. They even had buckets of “fallen” apples that people were picking mostly from. This year we went the FIRST day they were open! Winning! They had a bunch of types of apples to choose from but I stuck to my favs Mcintosh and Gala.

apple picking hay ride Mia and me mike

Earlier that week Mia had a potty party at daycare for being officially potty trained!! Can I get a hallelujah? It has been the biggest blessing to our sanity and our bank account!

mia potty party

Ciao for now!

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