Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend has come and gone but here are some highlights:

Saturday morning I went to meet my best friend/ex roomie Sarah and our other old roomie Molly at a bridal shop to see Sarah in her wedding dress!! My oh my did she look beautiful!! I cannot wait until next June to celebrate her and Derek on their big day! She was my MOH and it feels like just yesterday we were getting ready for my big day! Can’t wait to have moments like this below with her next summer!

sarah and me

It was so fun to see her in her dress on Saturday and watch her try on different veils, and sashs and all that fun bridey stuff. Molly was a pro, gosh, she should go into that business because man she knows what she’s doing! She suggested great ideas to Sarah to change up her dress an even caught a train malfunction that the shop agreed to fix for free!

Side note: Sarah and Molly were about 20 mins late to meet me but….did I mind? No way jose, I got to enjoy my Skinny vanilla latte in all its glory while listening to country music and surfing my fav blogs. Heaven! And a rare opportunity that was more than welcome.

The rest of Saturday was spent being a power house of laundry. No joke. We had not been caught up with laundry since before Joa was BORN. I was determined to use the long weekend to do a good fall cleaning of the house and man oh man did I succeed. Laundry was done, all of it (minus the clothes each of us were wearing, obvi), dishes were done, kitchen was cleaned, living room was cleaned, dusted and organized, linens were changed, kids were bathed, and all rooms were tided up. Mike said he hadn’t seen me work that hard in all the time we’ve been together. Ha.

Sunday we went to Mike’s parents for a BBQ! It was fun to get together with fam and eat some yummy ribs. Mia was excited to see Rhino (Ryan Mike’s cousin) there! We ate, drank and chatted and Mia enjoyed the luxury of cable and unlimited Sofia the First episodes.

Monday was just the four of us again. It started with me catching an oh so sweet moment of Mike in bed with the kiddos. I captured it and ordered a canvas print of it for Mike’s Birthday! I hope he likes it 🙂

mike ands kids

Later that afternoon I suggested we go on a family hike (that never happens) at Sandy Knoll Park. Mike loved hiking and outdoorsy stuff and me….not so much, but I know my love enjoys it and he does so much for us! It was a beautiful day and we all really did enjoy getting some fresh air!

joa hike hike

That night we enjoyed a new stew recipe from my Fixate cookbook. It was delish and a great way to say hello to fall!

And that completes the Zahner’s Labor Day weekend 2015, the end!

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