Hello! Hello!

Shall we try this again? Looking at my last entry I can’t believe how much time has passed. I.just.cant.

Where to begin? Joaquim. We welcomed our sweet smiley squishy bunny Joa into the world January 12, 2015. He is the best and we all fell in love with him instantly. Oh and he is blonde. Blonde I tell you! Mike was a blonde baby so it wasn’t a TOTAL surprise. But it still makes me giggle sometimes.

image image

Mia. Mia Maria, my muffin puffin, my other honey bun bun. She is three. Three I tell you! She is sassy, smart, sweet, and a mini me in every way. It is amazing to watch her blossom into the amazing human she is.Β image image image image

Mike. Day by day he shows me just how amazing he is as a Dad. Watching him with the kiddos makes me melt into a puddle. He is our protector,provider, chef, handy man, Gardner, bestie, simply the best. Love him!

image image image

That’s all for now, just living life with my boo and my bunnies. ❀

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