Rolling, jumping, and moving


Mia has officially begun rolling over! Every morning I set her in her crib while I do my hair and makeup for work; and sure enough when I go check in her she has rolled onto her tummy! This is such an exiting milestone, but a scary one too! I like that I could put her down and she wouldn’t go anywhere, keeping a closer eye on our little muffin now!

A few days ago we let Mia try out her jumperoo…..she LOVED it! She can’t do much on it now, but she enjoys bouncing in it and looking at all the pieces πŸ™‚

Moving is going well; Mike is working hard to get all the painting done and I couldn’t be more thankful! I have an incredible husband that is so handy and ENJOYS doing it! I am hoping to get a lot more packed up this weekend and hopefully move Β next week or the weekend after that. We will see!

Next week my baby girl turns 5 months old! I will post a special entry just for her then πŸ™‚