Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!




This is the first year I’ve actually been excited forsnow. I don’t know what happened, all my life I’ve hated winter and the snow. I blamed it on being Brazilian and not actually “being made” for this kind of weather.

Each year I would suffer through the long Midwest winters, Christmastime being the small window of time I felt happy in the freezing cold Tundras of Minnesota and Wisconsin. This year for some reason I was actually looking forward to it!

As Fall came and went I found myself looking forward to seeing our snow covered lawn and getting to see Lola ( our puppy) play in the snow for the first time. Normally by this time in December we would have had lots of snow falls and a decent amount of inches on the ground. Somehow, Mother Nature held off and today was the first real snow fall for us here is Wauwatosa! Just is time for Mike’s family’s Christmas party 🙂 I’m excited to gather with the Zahners and enjoy some Holiday treats, maybe we’ll even go on a little walk with Lola later in the day. She just got spayed on Thursday and isn’t supposed to have a lot of physical activity, but once around the block can’t hurt right? 😉

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