2011 Recap and 2012 Revelations

2011 was a great year and 2012 already had a lot in store for us!

Here are some month-to-month highlights of 2011 for the Zahners πŸ™‚

January: Bruna began her last semester at UWM and Mike began another semester of teaching at CESA.

February: Valentine’s Day atΒ Carini’s La Conca D’Oro

March: Bought Wedding dress, Booked Honeymoon in Mexico, Our 7 year dating Anniversary, Wedding dinner tasting

April: Easter with the family

May: Graduation From UWM, Bridal Showers

June: Bachelorette Party and Bachelor Party, WEDDING

July: Honeymoon in Mexico, Bruna started working at Kohl’sΒ Corporate, Our friends Robin and Emily’s Wedding

August: Moved in next door to Mike’s Parents, got our Australian Shephard Lola! My good friend and MOH Sarah’s Birthday at Casablanca Restaurtant

September: Mike’s GOLDEN Birthday, Packer game with the Schobers at Lambeau

October: Bruna in Door County, Pumpkin Carving

November: Thanksgiving with both families, found out we were expecting!!

December: Christmas in MN

We are very excited to be expecting our first child in July of 2012!! Mid January will mark the end of the first trimester and we are excited to see what the next trimester will be like. Looking forward to updating the blog with all the updates these next 6-7 months!!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!




This is theΒ firstΒ year I’ve actuallyΒ beenΒ excited forsnow. I don’t know what happened, all my life I’ve hated winter and the snow. I blamed it on being Brazilian and not actually “being made” for this kind of weather.

Each year I would suffer through the long Midwest winters, Christmastime being the small window of time I felt happy in the freezing cold Tundras of Minnesota and Wisconsin. This year for some reason I was actually looking forward to it!

As Fall came and went I found myself looking forward to seeing our snow covered lawn and getting to see Lola ( our puppy) play in the snow for the first time. Normally by this time in December we would have had lots of snow falls and a decent amount of inches on the ground. Somehow, Mother Nature held off and today was the first real snow fall for us here is Wauwatosa! Just is time for Mike’s family’s Christmas party πŸ™‚ I’m excited to gather with the Zahners and enjoy some Holiday treats, maybe we’ll even go on a little walk with Lola later in the day. She just got spayed on Thursday and isn’t supposed to have a lot of physical activity, but once around the block can’t hurt right? πŸ˜‰