Happy Fall Y’all !

Last weekend we headed to Madison to see our dear friends Megan and Bryan get married. They are such a great couple and I know they will be lifelong friends. I am excited to be there for each other through our next milestones in life. Careers, future children and houses; it is exciting to have another couple with similar values going through the same things.

Me with the beautiful Bride

The weekend started off with the Rehearsal Dinner at The Great Dane in Downtown Madison.  They brew their own beer there so Mike and the other boys had a great time sampling a few different kinds.  I even tried one and liked it! For those of you who don’t know; I am NOT a beer drinker. We brought Lola on the trip with us so we left early to feed her and let her out before checking into the hotel. Megan and Bryan booked pet friendly hotels which was a big plus for us because we didn’t want to be without Lo for the whole weekend!

deep fried Snickers banana split!

There couldn’t have been a more beautiful fall day the next day! It was perfect for a barn wedding. We left the hotel early in the afternoon to meet the rest of the wedding party ( Mike was a groomsmen) at the barn. While we were waiting for the rest of the party to arrive we checked out the cows that were in a lot right next to the barn. When I was posing for the picture below a cow licked my dress!

On the way to O'Brien Barn

My love and me

The entire wedding was beautiful, genuine, down to earth, and classic country. The bride wore cowboy boots under her dress. The guests had mason jars for cups and ate pulled pork sandwiches, grilled potatoes, and rissoto for dinner. They served a yummy apple pie  and the Groom’s Mom’s famous brownies for dessert. I want that brownie recipe! I hear she doesn’t give it out to anyone though 😦 They had a live country band play for the first half of the reception and they were really good!  Megan sang Bryan a song and I totally lost it, I am a total “sensatron” as Mike likes to call it. Later at night they had a big bonfire and we brought Lola out to socialize with everyone. It was great to see so many friends at once!

Staying warm by the fire with Becca!

Sunday we headed back to Milwaukee making a stop in Pewaukee to watch the Packer game with our friends Pat,  Jamie and Jake and their daughter Jillian and Jaidyn. Jamie made us a feast of food and we caught up on life, and of course watched the Packers beat the Carolina Panthers!

The whole weekend made me get in the autumn mood. I am excited for candy corn, big comfy sweatshirts, apple orchards, baking with my new kitchenaid, soups and stews…..I may have to dedicate a whole entry to things I love about fall, but for now I’ll just day Happy Fall Y’all!!

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