Lazy Weekend

Not much on the calendar last weekend besides final wedding details–a break from the spotlight that we’ve been craving after the last week’s celebrations. Not that we didn’t LOVE each and every shower and party that we were given,we were so blessed! Still, it was nice to be home for a weekend.

The final countdown has begun with less than 10 days now until the wedding. I had started to move onto my next project and been on a search for a new place. Not knowing the Milwaukee neighborhoods or Wisconsin well made this quite difficult so I have handed that project over to Mike and started an even better one: puppy research! One of the top criteria for our next home is that the landlord must allow dogs. We both have been wanting one for so long, and with a move to a bigger place outside of the city it actually is feasible.  After researching different breeds we decided on the Australian Shepherd. We have not decided if we want a purebred or a mix but we love the Aussie breed from what we have read!

Tri-color black Aussie


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