Are you the ladies in room 602?

I have the best maid of honor a girl could ask for. Period. Last weekend, she gathered several of my girls in good ole fashion to celebrate the ending of my single life.

Sarah planned such a great night!

Sarah(my MOH)  and I met Joelle (one of my bridesmaids) at the Hotel Metro to check in and get ready for the night. The room was adorable and we had fun primping and catching up before the rest of the gals arrived.

Getting ready and waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive

Once the rest of the party made it to the hotel, Jello shots, drinks, the gift opening, and some fun games followed.

Sarah made some yummy drinks for us


Love these girls!

Later, we hit the town for some delicious dinner at Louise’s and drinks at the bars in Cathedral Square. It was just what I needed! It had been so long since I had had a fun girls night and having some of my closest girlfriends from all over there to celebrate made it even better!

I can’t believe there are only 17 days left until the wedding!! I have been procrastinating on some last-minute details and now have to buckle down and get the final list done. Next weekend is the first weekend in a while Mike and I have nothing planned; so it looks like a weekend of planning and organizing ahead…but we’ll throw some fun in there too 😉

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