Four Weeks Baby! Four Weeks!

I am a big fan of the show Friends and this clip seems to express ย exactly how I am feeling right now ๐Ÿ™‚

With the wedding just four weeks away we headed up to Minnesota last Thursday night for another big weekend of celebrations. Mike and I both had to work Thursday so we didn’t get on the road until late, arriving in Shoreview around 3 am.

The next morning I had my makeup trial for the wedding. It was so fun to get my makeup done by a professional makeup artist! She did an amazing job and I can’t wait for round 2 on the big day ๐Ÿ™‚ As soon as the trial was finished Mike and I headed out to get our marriage licence. I was stressing out because Friday was the only day the office was going to be open while we were in town; and we had a meeting with the coordinator at the chapel later that afternoon. Luckily it all worked out and we got the licence and made it to our appointment on time.ย Going over all the little details of the ceremony ย with the chapelย coordinatorย really made it sink in how close the wedding really is!

After the meeting I met my Dad at the dance studio for our lesson for the Father/Daughter dance. It was so fun to have this moment with my Dad and it made me feel less nervous about doing it on the big day.

Mike’s Mom and Sister Liz arrived later that evening ย just in time for dinner. My Mom made an entrรฉe that was a recipe of my Great Grandmother Carmela’s . It was so yummy and I am happy to say I now have the recipe to try to make on my own!

This was such a busy weekend I will have to make another entry just for the wedding showers!

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